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From: Peter Sandler <psandler@minutemanpress.com>
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2012 18:57:32 -0400
To: Michael Roy<mike@nems.net>
Subject: Rob & NEMS

Hi Mike

I am dropping you this note to let you know how pleased I was with your organization’s response to the problem that we discovered with my new Xante printer. The switch to the proper machine was handled quickly and effectively and shows a great deal of care and concern for both your customers and your reputation as a company.

I also want to let you know that Rob’s appearance at my store yesterday was both timely and effective. He quickly installed the new machine and took all necessary steps to ensure that it performed as it was supposed to. It was both a relief and a pleasure to see him yesterday.

Please feel free to pass this along to your bosses, as they should know how you all made lemonade from lemons.

Best regards,

Peter Sandler

Minuteman Press

2540 Summer Street

Stamford, CT 06905

T – 203-327-9818

F – 203-327-7224

www. stamford. minutemanpress.com

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Hello Rob & Mike, 4/26/2012

I wanted to let you know Tim arrived today and spent 2-1/2 hrs with us trying to get things resolved. The folks at MOS in Texas could not figure out how to find the transaction in the database. They are supposed to call me direct tomorrow, when the engineer and the database specialist are both available and hopefully resolve the bad transaction.

They said this was a known problem and it should be resolved with an update that is being released early next week. I am going to attempt to resolve this with the software engineer tomorrow a.m. and hopefully we will be done and back on track.

I wanted you both to know I appreciate the effort NEMS and specifically Tim has made to resolve this issue while on his vacation.

I will let you know how I make out with the software engineer tomorrow.




Rob Leveille

Supervisor Mail Services

Mailpiece Quality Control Certified Specialist

University of MassachusettsAmherst

306 Goodell Bldg

140 Hicks Way



Please visit us on the web at www.umass.edu/mail

Office of Administrative Services & Mailing Center
Amherst College, PO Box 5000, Amherst, MA 01002-5000
Telephone (413)542-2528 Facsimile (413)542-7929
December 22, 2011
Mike Roy
New England Mailing Systems
400 Chapel Rd
South Windsor, CT 06074
Dear Mike:
I just wanted to write you a note to tell you how appreciative I am for the work and support Tim Allen
has given us this week during the computer problems we experienced. What started out to be a small
visit from Hasler ended up with our computer not co-operating, which resulted in the need to replace
it. Most vendors would have just left and said “call us when you’re ready”, but Tim spent the entire day
here trying to resolve our issues and getting us up and running.
I felt he went above and beyond the duties of his job to help us out and he should be commended for
that and for the support and understanding that he has shown knowing that when the software is not
working, we are literally out of commission and cannot work.
While we are still experiencing issues with the meters and the software, it has nothing to do with
Tim’s work and I would highly recommend your company to anyone based on the knoweldge
and support of not only Tim but your entire staff.
Thank you,
Barbara St. Onge
OAS/Mailing Center
Amherst College

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_Another Creation



Date:7/25/2013 10:19AM



IjustwantedtoThankYouforsendingJohntomystudio onTuesday,July22,2013torepair myXanteilumniacopier.

AfterMANYfrustratinghours  workingwithXante’s”database robot”tech,andbeingdown fornearlyaweek,John camein,andwithhisknowledgeandexpertise resolvedmyproblem. His understandingofhow copierswork,reallyhelpedwithmyresolutionissue.

Beingasmallbusinessowner,with expensive equipmentthat workedperfectlyfineone minute,andthen witharoutinechangeofconsumablepartsno longerput aqualityproduct, wasVERYtroubling.Needlesstosay,IamveryHappytobeupandrunningagain!

ThanksagainforsendingJohn!! Regards,

Michele www.anothercreation.com www.anothercreation.etsy.com www.anothercreation/blog.com