2016 President’ Conference Award

IMG_0357IMG_0769New England Mailing Systems was awarded the Neopost / Hasler 2016 President’s Conference award with a trip to The Ritz Carlton Rancho Mirage in Palms Springs CA in May 2016. We also attended the President’s Conference in 2015 to receive the 2014 Top Dealer of the Year for Data Quality Solutions presented by Neopost / Hasler at the Presidents Conference in West Palm Beach Breakers Resort in May 2015.

USPS® Announces September 2017 Rate Change

USPS® Announces September 2017 Rate Change, Reclassification for First-Class Mail Parcels

The U.S. Postal Service announced this month that it will increase its rates on First-Class Mail® Parcels (FCM Parcels) by a weighted average of 9.9 percent, effective September 3, 2017.


New FCPS Retail category pricing

FCM Parcel Max Weight (in oz) Old Price New Price, as of 9/3/17 FCPS Weight not over (in oz) FCPS Commercial Price
1 $2.67 $3.00 1 $2.61
2 $2.67 $3.00 2 $2.61
3 $2.67 $3.00 3 $2.61
4 $2.67 $3.00 4 $2.61
5 $2.85 $3.16 5 $2.77
6 $3.03 $3.32 6 $2.77
7 $3.21 $3.48 7 $2.77
8 $3.39 $3.64 8 $2.77
9 $3.57 $3.80 9 $3.32
10 $3.75 $3.96 10 $3.46
11 $3.93 $4.19 11 $3.60
12 $4.11 $4.36 12 $3.74
13 $4.29 $4.53 13 $3.88
14 $4.02
15 $4.16
15.999 $4.30


We service Formax Pressure Sealers

FD2054 (1)Nems is now servicing Formax Folder/Pressure/Sealers in the CT territory.  Formax has chosen us to service their customers in CT because of our good reputation for customer service.  We also sell and lease new Folder/Pressure/Sealers and welcome your call at 860-289-4416


Envelope Sealing Machine by Hasler

These envelope sealing machines work great automatically sealing envelopes without the need to rent a meter.  You can purchase the envelope sealer and own this unit with no monthly meter rental cost.

Call Now 860-289-4416

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New England Mailing Systems is celebrating 31 years in business in 2017

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Latest USPS Tabbing Requirements

The Post Office released the final standards for folded self-mailers.  (FSM)

Summary of key changes:

1. New size and weight standards

2. New definition of what is a FSM, for example items containing a disk is treated differently

3. Can no longer use tabs with perforations

4. Can no longer use tabs on the bottom panel

5. All FSM’s now require a minimum of two tabs

6. There is now a limit to the number of panels in a FSM

7. Postal customers will be encouraged to comply with the new standards right away with final deadline

click here for 11 page report on New Tabbing Requirements effective Jan. 5, 2013

Call us at 860-289-4416 if you would like to get equipped for the New Tabbing Requirements.

Free Secap / Bryce Printer Drivers

Please feel free to download the zip files below and notes for most of the
Secap/Bryce drivers.  Each zip file contains the all of the Secap/Bryce drivers for your choice of operating system.  We also offer  service, overhaul, and reconditioning on Secap/Bryce /PB Addressright  printers.  You can ship your printer to us at NEW ENGLAND MAILING SYSTEMS, 400 CHAPEL RD, STE 3D, SOUTH WINDSOR, CT 06074
If you have any questions please contact Rob Tallberg at 860-289-4416.

Secap/Bryce 2000/xp click for free drivers

Secap/Bryce 95/98/me click for free drivers

Secap/Bryce NT click for free drivers

Secap/Bryce notes 2000/xp click for PDF notes

Secap/Bryce notes 95/98/me click for PDF notes

Secap/Bryce notes NT click for PDF notes