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Muratec MFX 2570

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The Right Tools for the Job
Documents are central to every business. How you electronically capture, distribute, process, manage and print your documents can have a dramatic impact on customer service levels, employee productivity, compliance standards and bottom-line costs. The MFX-2570 is a powerful document solution that features the tools needed to efficiently capture, distribute, manage and print your documents.

Fast Document Input and Output
Quickly produce copy and print jobs at up to 25 page-per-minutes and create distribution-ready stacks using the shift-sorting feature. The 80-sheet single pass duplex color scanner, onboard processors and intuitive interface will enable you to scan documents at up to 62 images-per-minute.

Scan to Anywhere
The MFX-2570 enables you to quickly deliver documents to e-mail addresses, FTP, PC folders and document management systems. Best of all this functionality is embedded, meaning you do not have to invest time and money into installing additional hardware / software utilities to enable these features.

Intutive User Interface
The 5.8” touch screen enables intuitive machine programming and job execution. My MFP mode displays the most commonly used features on a single screen to enable instant access.