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Rena XT4.0 Addressing Printer

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Key Featuresxt4.0

– 4″ of Print From Four Print Modules
– AccuTrak Vacuum Transport
– 34,000 Postcards/hr
– Tab ‘N Print Inline With The T-950 or T-750
– Cartridge Capping Station

The Sport Utility Printer of our product line leads the industry with 4” of print area with a unique 3+2+2+1 head configuration and versatile in-line design. The Envelope Imager XT 4.0’s advanced microprocessor and 64 MB of RAM crunch data like no other printer and the USB 2.0 port works seamlessly with today’s PCs. Our exclusive Five-Channel AccuTrak™ vacuum transport has repositionable outer transport belts and material guides that run under the belts for dead-on registration. Three powerful vacuum fans tenaciously grab material via five channels for consistent pressure. The integrated Cartridge Storage Station keeps cartridge fresh and minimizes waste. Electronic Thickness Control uses a precise servo-motor system to effortlessly set the perfect output pressure. All these features translate to the best print quality possible.