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Getting Started with PAF

Getting Started with PAF

Oct 27, 2016Support Article
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Satori Software provides Move Update, which updates addresses based on change of address information in the latest USPS® NCOALink® database, in real-time via the Internet. When you use Move Update, you get the latest address information for your records and satisfy the USPS requirement that your mailing lists be processed with an approved address update tool. But for you to use NCOALink, the USPS requires that you NCOALink sign a Processing Acknowledgement Form (PAF), which is designed to ensure that the privacy rights of USPS customers are respected.

Recently, USPS clarified the security requirements for NCOALink access when a mail preparer, broker or list administrator is processing address lists on behalf of a list owner. You can review the USPS communication here

With this update to requirements, Satori Software is changing how it processes and handles your PAFs. To get up to speed with the new process, see Walkthrough: Processing PAF Approvals.

Next Steps

  • If you use the paper PAF process, nothing has changed.
  • If you use Satori Software products to submit a PAF electronically for your own use, nothing has changed.
  • If you use Satori Software products to submit a PAF electronically on behalf of a list owner or customers, steps have been introduced so that you can work with a list owner to understand, sign, and submit the PAF before you process a list for the owner.

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