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Secap TC 36

The TC 36 desktop conveyor is an excellent complement to desktop printers. Provides a convenient and hands-free method of stacking printed media. *Shown with optional dryer.Features and Benifits

– Variable speed for handling different quality materials and printer speeds.

– Conveyor belts provide smooth transport of materials

– Adjustable drop tray for different sized materials

– Easy to set-up and install

– Dryer assist -ready

– Available in double length for media and applications requiring further time/heat for drying.


Technical Specifications

  • Speed
    1,000 inches per minute (at belt carriers)
  • Physical Dimensions
    Chassis: 12.25” W x 35.13”L x 3.25”
    Drop Tray: 12.25”W x 12″L x 8.25”H
  • Media Size
    3” x 5” to 10″x 13”
  • Power
    120V, 60Hz