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IM/IH Mailing Systems PSD Lockout

Time limit reached

Machine info

Event id: PO Lockout
Long description: 90 day time limit for server communication reached
Recovery: Perform a Generic Call or download funds to clear the PO Lockout message.


  • USPS regulations require that a mailing machine must communicate with the manufacturer’s host server within certain reset times. If the time is exceeded, a “PO LOCKOUT” message will be displayed and postage printing is disabled.

    To Clear A PSD Locked message:
    Note: An analog phone line or LAN connection must be plugged into the mailing system to perform a Postal Inspection.

    1. Press the “MENU” button.
    2. Select, “My Funds”.
    3. Select, “Postal Inspection”.
    4. Press the “OK” button to confirm.
    5. The mailing system will contact the server to perform the inspection.
    – The mailing machine will indicate when the call is complete.
    6. Press the “Home” button to return to the home screen.

    To Avoid A PSD Locked message, perform this process and the beginning or end of the month.