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Formax 6304

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The new 6304 Series Inserters combine user-friendly features with high productivity. Three base models are available in a variety of configurations to meet the needs of any size office or mailroom. High-capacity input and output options combine with fully-automatic adjustments and increased speed.For increased productivity, the new High-Capacity configurations are available, which include a Vertical Stacker that holds up to 500 finished envelopes, a Document Feeder that holds up to 725 sheets, and/or a Production Feeder, with a capacity of up to 325 BREs or short inserts. Options include Advanced OMR and BCR, Formax MailDocâ„¢ Software, short feed trays and a side exit tray.A full-color touchscreen control panel, combined with 25 programmable jobs, provides efficient and hassle-free operation. The 6304 Series is powerful enough to fold up to 8 pages in tri-fold and up to 10 pages in half-fold modes. Its versatility allows for processing forms of various lengths and thickness all at the same time, up to 3,600 per hour and up to 40,000 pieces per month. The exclusive AutoSetTM feature makes processing forms a snap by sensing and automatically setting the paper length, paper thickness, fold type, envelope size and double document detection.
Featured Highlights

  • Speed: Up to 3,600 pieces/hr
  • Duty Cycle: Up to 40,000 pieces/month
  • 25 Programmable Jobs
  • Full-color touchscreen control panel
Recommended Options

  • High-Capacity Vertical Stacker holds up to 500 finished envelopes
  • High-Capacity Document Feeder holds up to 725 sheets
  • High-Capacity Production Feeder holds up to 325 BREs or short inserts
  • OMR / BCR / MailDoc Software for collating and inserting multiple page documents