Rate Change

Overview of Carrier Rate Changes:  USPS®

The United States Postal Service® will change postage rates on Sunday, January 26, 2020.  The price to send a one-ounce First Class Mail® letter will stay the same at 50¢.  Using your postage meter instead of stamps with still provide your business with a 5 cent or 9 percent saving for every piece. The upcoming rate event will also increase different shipping services.

To download the latest Rate Change to your Hasler/Neopost Mailing System perform a Generic Call.

Performing A Generic Call:
Make sure that the mailing system is connected to the internet or to an analog phone line.
From the Homescreen:
• Press the “Menu” button.
• Select “Online Service”.
• Select “Generic Call”.

The mailing system will begin a call to the server, wait until the “Transaction Successful” message is displayed.

Press the “home” button to return to the home screen.