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Hasler OP 150

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Today’s business mail comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Having someone tear, slice and cut open those mail pieces by hand is incredibly time consuming. And time wasted is money spent unproductively.

One of the best ways to increase productivity is to eliminate the tedious task of manual mail opening. The OP150 Letter Opener can open 32,000 letters per hour. Not only do you increase the speed of mail entering your business stream, but your staff can better utilize the time saved by the OP150.

And mixed mail, once a time stopper due to the need to sort it by size, is a breeze to

The OP150’s milling cutter removes from 0 to .125″ of the envelope edge which protects the contents from being cut or damaged. The opening has a soft, feathered edge which prevents paper cuts and provides easy access to the contents. It also contains its own bin to collect the tiny chips that are removed from the envelope as it is opened. Constructed from high-grade steel and using the highest quality components, the OP150 has two motors to provide a high degree of operational reliability, better performance and longer life.