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Hasler IMCM G2 Shipping Software

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iMCM G2 employs cutting edge technologies to improve efficiency and productivity for outgoing mail and shipments. iMCM G2 was designed from the ground up to fully utilize the Internet and a mailroom’s online capability, thus taking full advantage of better communications with carriers and customers alike. The iMCM G2’s cost saving functions include:

  • Address correction eliminates carrier penalties associated with address adjustments.
  • Rate comparison provides domestic or international carrier rates and offers the “best way” to send an item (while taking into account internal rules and policies).
  • Automatic fuel surcharge calculations eliminate any hidden carrier charges.
  • Email notification for shipped, delivered, or late deliveries.
  • Instant access to all major carriers’ tracking and delivery status on-line.
  • International mail advisor ensures your shipment meets all rules and regulations for international deliveries, saving you time and money.
  • “Real time” integration tools to exchange data with other systems.
  • Powerful analysis and reporting tools to better control shipping expenditures.